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Why I've chosen the VITAMIX blender

Dear Friends! As the author of healthy nutrition books and advocate of Green Smoothies and Raw Foods I want to say it why I’ve finally chosen VITAMIX blender. I met VITAMIX blender at first in USA in 2008. I took notice it Raw Chefs use only this blender. I had the opportunity to consider the quality of the blender: speed, consistence of Green Smoothies, excellent work at all.

About Marina Gladkikh

I’m the author of next Raw Food books: “From Green Smoothies to Raw Food or How I’ve lost 30 pounds and totally change my life” and “My Life and Raw Food. Real stories and recipes Book.” I’m the organizer of different Raw Events all over the Russia (and abroad), like Potlaks, dance Vegan-Parties, lectures, trainings and workshops. I have my own web-site gladworld.ru and some active accounts in social networks. I communicate with many people there.


«GladWorld» - here you can find amazing stuff about lifestyle, nutrition, mindset and behavior that will help to everybody become healthier and happier. Also, you will get know advantages of Raw Food Diet, Green Smoothies and will find huge amount of Healthy Tips.